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Career History


June 2023 - Present

MS in Computer Science
University Of Southern California

  • Advanced Algorithms

  • Multimedia Systems

  • Advanced mobile devices and game consoles

  • Game Engine Development

  • 3D Vision

August 2023 - Present

Research and Development Assistant

Institute for Creative Technology, USC

I contribute to projects at the USC ICT Medical-VR Lab, focusing on developing middleware for 3D applications on iOS and Android. I engineer and integrate native iOS functionalities, 3rd party/custom APIs, and SDKs in mobile applications. My work involves a suicide prevention project for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, creating a customizable ecosystem. Additionally, I co-authored a research paper presented at the International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems Integration in Italy, covering multidisciplinary research and development of multi-agents and virtual humans leveraging integrated middleware platforms.

July 2022 - April 2023

Software Engineer

I had the opportunity to develop Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality projects for various sectors such as industrial, defense, and consumer. I designed complex algorithms and 3D mechanisms for creating XR experiences. Additionally, I worked on networking and streaming protocols, automation, and node.js to ensure seamless performance. For managing the software development life cycle, I utilized tools like Figma, Asana, and Mind Mister for architecture planning and task distribution.

February 2021 - December 2021

Unity Developer intern

I've had the pleasure of creating VR and AR experiences for mixed reality headsets. I've researched and developed 3D rendering and shaders, and optimized VR apps with advanced techniques like occlusion culling and multi-threading. Using Unreal, C++, Unity3D, and C#, I've built immersive 3D software, handling backend with Firebase and using native Android libraries and ARcore for AR development. My experience includes several small POC projects for enterprise and army, as well as a major industry project called "AjnaSuite", a mixed reality-based metaverse platform for remote collaboration.

July 2020 - October 2020

Software Developer intern
IDZ Digital

As a game developer, I've had the pleasure of constructing various game prototypes using the powerful Unity 3D engine and the versatile C# programming language. With an eye for detail and a passion for creating engaging content, I've incorporated complex algorithms and unique 3D mechanisms to design fun and educational games for kids. Through my work, I've found joy in bringing the joy of gaming to a younger generation, while also encouraging their learning and growth through play.

2018 - 2022

Compter Engineering
Mumbai University

  •  Analysis of Algorithms

  •  Computer Networks

  •  Computer Graphics

  •  C++, Java, Python

  •  Microprocessors 

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